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About Us


A reputation for unique styles, an extraordinary level of service, no matter what your event type.

ALEXANDER ADEGBOYE CULINARY ENTERPRISE is a premium e-restaurant, event catering , private chef, food creator, culinary consultancy and general food service brand. With a passion for exquisite cuisine, and a dedication to professional service, we have established ourselves as one of Nigeria's leading culinary experts.

Our one-stop catering services are available for a diverse range of events. From corporate events with an edge, stunning weddings or major events our team will work closely with you to ensure that the occasion is handled with dedication and expertise.

No matter what the event, rest assured that we will handle all catering requirements with professionalism and a strong aptitude. From important milestones to celebratory occasions, Alexander Adegboye have your next event covered with ease. With a love of new and exciting food options and a dedication to ongoing development, we interacts with the latest industry methods and recipes available to bring you culinary perfection. The team at Orange brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to every event, guaranteeing exceptional cuisine and exquisite service.

The Alexander Adegboye team are passionate about creating incredible events for every occasion, whether it is big or small, they have an enormous amount of respect for each and every event. Led by Alexander Adegboye, Director of Sales and Operations, the team works tirelessly with a high level of expertise to design and produce some of  Nigeria's most notable events. Alexander Adegboye understand the subtlety and the detailing that is required to perfectly theme events and are always looking for new challenges when it comes to creating a fantastic atmosphere. Through the use of a unique menu, beverage innovations, period furniture and stylistic decorations any theme you have in mind can be a reality.

Planning, preparing and hosting the perfect corporate function can be a very stressful job if tackled alone, however, Alexander Adegboye is here to help make sure your event is the one the office is raving about for all the right reasons!

Alexander Adegboye understands that corporate events include an elite level of service from a team of exemplary corporate staff. With this comprehension, the team at Alexander Adegboye have a second to none reputation and are regarded as one of the most highly respected corporate caterers that Nigeria has to offer. For more information about our services kindly click here